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Why do we need energy controls?
- Typically up to 40% of a building’s electrical usage is lighting.
- Uncontrolled buildings experience tremendous amounts of energy waste.
- Buildings with uncontrolled lighting experience huge energy wastes:
- Lighting and/or HVAC systems for entire floors remain ON when only one or no occupants are present.


watt stopperwatt stopperwatt stopperwatt stopper

watt stopperwatt stopper

Wattstopper/Legrand founded by two brothers in California in 1984, become a ISO certified and joined the Legrand group in 1996. In the years that followed, WattStopper expanded its occupancy sensor product offering, as well as developing control solutions using other technologies. Today, WattStopper offers a comprehensive range of control solutions for commercial applications, including digital lighting management, lighting control panel systems, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, fixture sensors and controls, wireless lighting controls and plug load controls.

An industry leader, WattStopper draws upon its rich heritage of innovation exemplified by a few highlights:


dual technology occupancy sensor in market since year 1991

remotely programmable and controllable daylighting dimming photosensor
  partner with Architectural Energy Corporation and the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program in hosting the first DALI demonstration

In 2009, Alton sees the world addresses environment pollutions are getting more concern, and acts with the urgency that needed to meet the challenges of the urbanization for children’s’ children by doing a portion in the business to reduce pollution – In September 2009, Alton becomes a distributor for Wattstopper/Legrand, a manufacturer for energy-saving by lighting controls.

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In most cases, the control strategy will include automatic operation of the lighting, taking into account the needs of the space’s occupants and what might be necessary to comply with mandatory energy codes. Further control strategy decisions will involve what devices will be employed to satisfy those needs.

Control technologies, on the other hand, usually refer to the type of device that will be used to carry out a specific strategy and what method the device will use to operate (passive infrared, ultrasonic or dual technology sensors, timers, daylighting controllers or lighting control panels.


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An occupancy sensor is an energy conservation device designed to detect the presence of human occupants in a given area and sending signals ON
or OFF to one or more electrical appliances. Sensors have proven to be dramatically effective at eliminating energy waste.

PIRPASSIVE infrared Technology - Popular model : CI-355 , technical spec: CI-355 technical spec

PIR sense occupany by detecting the difference between heat emitted from human body in motion and the background space. These sensors utilize patented Fresnel lens which divides the coverage areas zones, enhancing detection of small movements. Relying on a clear line of sight. PIR sensors make 100% coverage cut-off possible.

PIR Best Application: Warehouses, Library bookstack or other aisles, Common building area, Lobbies, Computer Room, Offices, High ceiling mount locations.

UltrasonicUltrasonic technology - Popular model:UT-355, UT-355 technical spec WT-1100, technical spec:WT-1100 technical spec

Ultrasonic detection works by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves throughout an area and measuring the speed at which they return. Occupant movement changes the frequency at which these sound waves return, resulting in a Doppler shift and occupancy detection.

Ultrasonics Best Application: Restroom, Open office spaces, Offices, Enclosed hallway, Stairways

Dual TechnologyDual Technology - Popular model: DT-355 , technical spec: DT-355 technical spec

We invented and patented Dual Technology to combine the best of both PIR and ultrasonic technologies. While PIR and ultrasonic sensors provide optimal control for many spaces, some applications pose difficulty for single technology products. Our Dual Technology sensors ensure maximum sensitivity and coverage in tough application for optimal reliability and energy savings.

Dual Technology Best Application: Classrooms, Large conference rooms, Large offices, Lunch rooms, Meeting rooms, Banquet rooms

watt stopper

watt stopper means no adjustments are needed installation. SmartSet monitors the space to identify usage patterns. Then it automatically adjust the time delay and sensitivity settings for energy efficiency.
watt stopper the light don't need to stay ON for the entire length fo the time delay, if a brief visit such as someone is just dropping mail. A "walk-through" mode can turn light OFF after 3 minutes, if no activity is detected after 30 seconds of an initial occupancy detection. If motion continues beyond the first 30 seconds, the selected time delay applies.
watt stopper many occupancy sensor contain a built-in light level sensor with rotary switch. Our selected new generation sensors incorporate this feature PLUS a unique one-touch set up.
watt stopper our sensors available in 230VAC or 24VDC voltage operated to match each and every application and installation style.
watt stopper built-in switch to bypass the light level and occupancy detection control function to allow lights to be manually controlled.
watt stopper simplifies sensor adjustments and obtain accuracy setting value, that surpass many sensors with rotary switch setting which result inaccurate value and hassle commissioning.
watt stopper incorporated circuitry that reduce stress on sensor relay and increased sensor lfe.

watt stopperphotosensor icon photosensor icon

Photosensor or Daylighting controls transform a daylit area into an energy-saving opportunity. Estimates that potential energy savings from utilizing such devices can exceed 40%. Since peak electrical load patterns tend to parrallel periods of the most plentiful daylight, controlling the electric lights in response to the presense of daylight can painlessly reduce peak load.

Switching (ON/OFF) Photosensor - Popular model : LS-102 , technical spec: LS-102 Photosensor Tech Spec

The LS-102 Daylighting Controller is a close loop, single zone, on/off switching device. Setpoints can be selected either auto or manual. When ambient light levels exceed the OFF setpoint, the controller turns lighting off. It will turn lighting systems back ON when the ON setpoints is triggered.

Dimming (0-10VDC) Photosensor - Popular model: LS-301, technical spec:LS-301 Photosensor Tech Spec

The LS-301 is a closed loop, single zone, indoor photosensor that works with standard 0-10VDC electronic dimming ballasts to dim lighting as daylight increase. As the daylight contribution increases the light dim down. Based on (night setpoint) and (day setpoint).

Photosensor Best Application: Indoor area with natural lighting contribution, Private Buildings (Windows offices, Lobbies), Educational (Libraries, Classrooms, Gym, Cafeterias), Retail (Ambient light, Signage, Perimeter display lighting, Skylit areas), Commercial (Open and private offices, Perimeter spaces, Conference rooms, and Corridors)

watt stoppertime switch

Time Delay Switch
* Bright LCD show timer's countdown
* Adjustable time from 5 min to 12 hr
* Pre-setting the time delay switch i.e 30mins
* Operation: Press <1 sec to switch ON/OFF
* Operation: Press >1 sec to temporary increase present time delay by +5min

Time Delay Switch Best Application: Garage, Storage Area, Laundry Area, Closet

Programmable Time Switch
* A programme consists of a closing time and an opening time for a circuit.
* Weekly programme, Capacity max: 28 programmes
*Override features to allow manual control
*NC /NO Contact

Programmable Time Switch Best Application: Variety controls of mechnical and electrical devices, Lighting, pump, Air-Conditioning.

watt stopper

Automatic Switch
* PIR Infrared detection
*Adjustable detection range : 3m to 10m
*Horizontal detection angle: 180 degree
*Light level adjustable : 3 to 1000 lux
*Time delay adjustable from 1s to 16m
*Manual control possible
*Self-Protection against overloads and short-circuits.

Automatic Switch Best Application: Staircase, Toilet, Storage Area, Laundry Area, Garage, Closet, Kitchen, Small Office, Utility Room



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