About us

Alton Controls Sdn. Bhd. is a professional supplier and distributor of integrated concepts and solutions, operating in the fields of

  1. Intelligent Building Management System Integrator (IBMS),
  2. Building Automation System (BAS),
  3. Energy Saving Sensor and Switcher Solutions,
  4. Patrol Monitoring System (with ANTI-VANDAL Technology)

Alton Controls Sdn. Bhd. major aim is to fulfill the demands of a rapidly changing market by meeting its Customers’ needs for prompt and tailor-made solutions, based on state-of-the-art technology.

1) BACtalk developed by Alerton Technologies of the United States will serve as Alton Controls Sdn Bhd core product. BACtalk is a highly sophisticated building management system that is fully compliant with the BACnet technology. BACnet is a non-proprietary network protocol for managing buildings and hence BACtalk is able to smoothly integrate itself with other manufacturer’s equipment.

2) Wattstopper/Legrand founded by two brothers in California in 1984, become a ISO certified and joined the Legrand group in 1996.

In 2009, Alton sees the world addresses environment pollutions are getting more concern, and acts with the urgency that needed to meet the challenges of the urbanization for  children’s’ children by doing a portion in the business to reduce pollution – In September 2009, Alton becomes a distributor for Wattstopper/Legrand, a manufacturer for energy-saving by lighting controls.
A prompt respond from the market in October 2009, Alton manage to roll a project of high-rise condominium car park 3 storey lots utilizing Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor to switch fully ON a electronics dimmer blast when there is occupancy.
A great motto from Wattstopper/Legrand : “Put A Stop To Energy Waste”

3) Lighting sensor itself cannot provide whole solutions, in addition to Wattstopper/Legrand lighting sensors, Alton Controls explorer into energy saving lightings and integration to Building Automation System – providing a system solution as whole.

4) Alton Controls Sdn Bhd places a strong emphasis on building strong customer relationships. It has already established itself with several key customers in this industry.

5) Technical skills, Industry experience and strong product familiarity serves as the key strengths of Alton Controls Sdn Bhd. Management continues to invest effort into further developing its expertise on Building Management Systems that will enable them to serve its clients better.

6) Service quality and efficiency is a key focus of the organization. It aims to provide 24 hours service, to respond to customer needs any time of the day.

7) Going forward, has Alton Controls Sdn Bhd expands it will further develop itself as a distributor and expand it’s services to its clients.

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